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People are still in the losing-weight craze from the new year. While it's great that many are trying to achieve a healthier lifestyle, there are some who take it to extremes! Fad diets and other practices can be harmful for your body in the long run, so be careful!If you’re set on losing weight and leading a healthier life, the Great Harvest in Hillsboro has some tips so you can do it right and meet your goals in a safe way!

Meeting Your Weight Goals in a Healthy Manner

Many people think that not eating everything will get them to their goal faster. The thing is that in doing so, they may lose certain nutrients. It’s essential for your body to get everything it needs to function properly so don’t neglect certain food groups!

Pick the Right Foods
Tied up to the point above is the fact that you need to be mindful of what you eat. Yes, you should consume components from every food group but make sure that you pick the healthier options!

For example, instead of choosing white bread, go for a whole grain option that will give you the nutrients you need and that won’t add any unnecessary junk to your meal.

Portion Control
A very, very important part of eating right and losing weight is portion control. This means that while you should eat everything, it’s best if you don’t go overboard! Eat until you’re 80% full so you don’t feel like you’re going to explode by the end!

Indulge Consciously
Yes, you should get a treat once in a while! Trying to shove all your cravings away will only make them stronger in the long run, which is where you’re more vulnerable to go back to your old eating habits. Have a sweet now and then but remember, the key is not exceeding!

Eating is a very important part of losing weight (some even say that it’s 80% of the process), but exercise will get your body and muscles to the next level. Make sure that you commit to a  regime that works for you and that will keep you healthy!

Realize that It’s a Lifestyle Change
Losing weight is only part of the journey, the real trick is keeping it off! This is why you should go into this knowing that it isn’t some fad you take on while you get to your goal. You must be resolved to keep this healthy diet for the rest of your life!

If you want to make that healthy lifestyle change (and lose weight too), you need to do it right! Keep these tips in mind so that your body can experience better health and overall wellness.

Remember that the Great Harvest is a great choice for those looking for a healthier life! Our healthy and delicious bread in Hillsboro, will help you meet your goals in a tasty and safe manne
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