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 I know that we are all busy. We get up in the morning and get ready. We get the kids up and get them ready. We make our coffee, grab our bags and head out the door, possibly on time. We drive our families around, get to work, check our emails, look over the days events. We plan our day, our week, our weekend. We schedule appointments and manage our time. We put in a full day and then we drive to pick up the kids and drive them to thier schduled activities. We do some errands like grocery shopping or picking up the dry cleaning. We volunteer and do tasks for our neighbors or friends because we love them and want to be involved in their lives. We come home, make a healthy dinner because we want to feed our family good food. We take some time in the evening for ourselves and then we go to bed so we can be rested to do it all over again tomorrow.

Now how do we have energy to live such full lives each day? We eat breakfast. A healthy breakfast complete with carbohydrate energy that will kickstart your brain and body to face the day. 

I know many adults who say they just don't have time for breakfast, but eating breakfast will set you up for success at the start of your day. Your brain needs energy right from the beginning to manage all the tasks you will ask it to complete before 10 am. Waiting to eat at lunchtime is already too late, at that time, your brain and body have been using your reserves to fuel your activities, which means you are unable to function at 100%.

So start your day with some healthy grains, a slice of whole grain toast with some eggs perhaps. Or grab a quick breakfast with our Ultra Healthy Berry Muffins. 

Your body will thank you and will show you how much more you can complete when your brain is fueled from the beginning of your day.
Great Harvest Bread of Hillsboro
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