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Now that the new year is here, those with weight resolutions to fulfill are starting to get on their working out shoes to shake the pounds off. 

Still, a part that a lot of people forget to include is that you need to take pre and post workout snacks so the body is ready to give its all during the routine and for it to recover afterwards.

So, if you’re in this situation and you don’t know what snacks you should be having to help your workout, don’t worry! The Great Harvest in Hillsboro will give you some ideas. 

To Keep in Mind…
- These snacks depend on your workout routine as well as your age, height, weight, etc.!
- Be sure to pick the right ingredients for the snacks: go for foods that are as organic as possible and that don’t have any unnecessary junk!
- Portion control is essential! Behave and don’t go overboard with the snacks!

Pick Me Up and Recuperation Snacks!

The Pre - Workout Bites
The key here is get you food that will boost up your body’s energy and that will give you better results. You can eat these 30 to 60 minutes before a workout.

Whole Wheat Toast with Peanut Butter and Bananas:You can take our delicious Honey Whole Wheat, spread some peanut butter, and add some banana for an easy snack!
Protein Smoothie: Put your favorite fruits together, add some almond milk and protein powder. Blend them in and there you go!
Yogurt, Almonds and Fruit: Try out some greek yogurt and get some almonds and dried fruits in the mix!

The Post - Workout Munch
After an efficient workout, your body needs strenght and food that will help it recover. Try these out so your muscles can take those nutrients to rebuild and regain energy.

Protein Pancakes: These are a yummy option made from coconut flour, almond milk, protein powder, and eggs! You can even add baking soda so they are fluffier!
Turkey Sandwich: Sandwiches made right are a complete, balanced meal. Try turkey on whole wheat toast, a bit of hummus and add as much veggies as you like!
Scrambled Eggs and Whole Wheat Toast: For this delicious snack, get a couple of eggs, scramble them up and eat them with a delicious toast like our Whole Grain Brown Rice.

How the Great Harvest Can Help You Compliment Your Workout
A healthy lifestyle consists not only of exercise, but knowing what to eat and when to eat it! With these snack ideas to compliment your efforts, you’ll get a body that’s ready to move and that will regain energy faster afterwards. 

So, if you’re looking for whole grain/wheat bread to complete your workout snacks, remember that the Great Harvest has a great variety of tasty and healthy breads in Hillsboro! With them, you’ll get the nutrients you need without sacrificing any of the flavor!
Great Harvest Bread of Hillsboro
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