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Thanksgiving is a great holiday in which we get to be with our families and be grateful for what we have. Nonetheless, it’s very stressful! Especially if you’re having guests over at your house, the pressure is on! 

If you want to actually enjoy Thanksgiving and not be exhausted by the time dinner comes along, the Great Harvest Bread Company at Hillsboro will share with you a few pointers to get you on the right foot!

Tips, Tricks and Thanksgiving Turkeys

Make Lists and a Schedule
Think about what you need to do each day and write it down. Set an alarm or reminder for each day to keep you on track!

Get an Approx. Number of Who’s Coming
Consider the fact that children eat less and get a hold of the specifications for each guest (since some are allergic to certain ingredients, etc.)

Plan the Meal
Be realistic: what will you be able to get done and how much are people going to eat? It’s always better to cook more just in case, but don’t go overboard!

Grocery List
As you’re planning the meal, make a grocery list of what you’ll need! Make it days before going to the store just in case you forget something. 

Buy Ahead of Time & Little By Little
Buy the non-perishables ahead of time so the economic side of Thanksgiving won’t come as a blow!

Schedule Your Cooking Plan
As mentioned above, you should create a list and a schedule of what you’ll be doing on Thanksgiving day and how you’re planning to get everything done for that day. Clean Your HouseIt’s probable that you won’t have time to clean on Thanksgiving day, so tidy up beforehand! Be sure to decorate and count plates and utensils while you’re at it!

Prep the Food
Go over what doesn’t need to be freshly made in Thanksgiving, and get it out of the way!

You won’t be able to do everything, so make sure to ask others to bring dessert, wine, or other Thanksgiving essentials. Ask for your family’s help when cooking too!

While the turkey’s in the oven, you’ll be able to get quite a bit of work done: you can finish cooking the side dishes, or even start cleaning the utensils you’ve been using.

Extra Tips!
Make sure to make time for you! After all, this is a celebration and you shouldn’t feel like a stress ball! Remember to eat and sleep well before this marathonic day! And, if you want to cook something new, be sure to practice it beforehand so it won’t be ruined on Thanksgiving day!

The holiday season begins with Thanksgiving day. The time to gather with our families and create new memories is fast-approaching. If you want to celebrate this time and not be stressed by it, be sure to start working on Thanksgiving dinner now!

Plus, if you need a hand, we can help you out with some of the Thanksgiving dinner. The Great Harvest in Hillsboro, already has its Thanksgiving menu up! Check it out and remember that if you’re looking for Thanksgiving bread in Hillsboro, you know where to find it! Order it beforehand and we’ll have it ready for you on this special day.
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